Aother golf joke


A golfer in Ireland sliced his drive into the rough.
While lookin g for the ball he came across a leprechaun
trapped in some brambles. Using his driver as a lever he freed the leprechaun.
"For what you have done .Leprechaun Law requires that I grant you three wishes".
"I don't believe in that sort of thing" said the golfer and strode away which left the leprechaun with a problem. The only solution was to arrange three good things for the golfer using leprechaun magic. He decided to improve the golfer's health, improve his golf game and improve his sex life.
Several monthe later the golfer again sliced into the rough and came across the wee man.
"Hi" said the leprechaun "remember me?'"
"May I sk you some personal questions?
"How is your health?"
'Much better" said the golfer "I used to suffer from severe arthritis but all that has gone now"
" How is your golf game?'
"Tremendous improvement. I am now the club champion"
"What about you sex life?"
"It's O.K."
What do you mean "O.K.? How often do you have sex?"
"About once a week."
"Once a week !! surely a good looking man like you can do better than that".

"For a parish priest in a small village it's not bad."