Hi Guys,

Did anyone do the AOP in 2017?

About to go on the AOP 18 in July but very few people have actually done it to get some tips off or even some background on the structure.

If anyone has done it / about to do it and knows what to expect I’d be grateful for an insight.


Myself and @Anchor Faced are down for AOP 18 as well, he hopefully has a more detailed run through than I do.

Off the top of my head:
Weeks 1 - 3 : Equivalent to OC development weekend, marinisation, NMT 100 and CMS lessons
Week 4 : Equivalent to OC Confirmation Course, if you're only doing the first 4 weeks you'll leave as a midshipman having completed Phase 1A otherwise you'll remain an OC until the completion of the 8 weeks.
Week 5 : YO development, marinisation and lessons.
Week 6 -7 : Initial sea time
Week 8 : Passing out and ?

After AOP - Pass FLEX, prepare for fleetboard

The above is an incredibly rough road map, but we'll get the fuller run down next weekend anyway.

Primary tips I've been given so far:
  • There's a lot crammed into 8 weeks, it will be fairly exhausting with little down time.
  • The fitter you are, the easier it will be.
  • Do not rock up with a civi-mentality, the moment you're through the gates you should be switched on. You'd think this goes without saying but there will be people on the course who've spent next to no time in their unit.
  • If your drill is crap, it's going to be a horrible first few days for you.