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AOP 2021 Guidance


Hello - I am enrolled on the AOP 2021 - I was wondering if there was anyone who had done the AOP in the last few years that I can ask some questions? They are very basic and not based on the training pipeline or syllabus, more day to day living;

What is a typical day? Start time/end time. 6am? 7am? 6pm? 9pm?
When is down time and how is it spent?
Where is down time spent?
Are you allowed to use mobile phones during down time or in the evening?
Are you ever allowed off site at BRNC to gather provisions or spend time off site?
Are there facilities for haircuts or to buy basic personal effects?

What does the daily fitness routine look like, what is a typical fitness session and what advice can you give? 10km run? 1 or 2 hour circuit style? Long hike?

Any help on the above would be great.

Thanks in advance.
Have a go at a PLT and venture up top right and search away!!

Most of your questions have been asked at some point!!

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