AOP 18 *Observe opsec & persec*

*Observe opsec & persec*

If there are OC's looking to do AOP 2018, please feel free to get in touch for a chat. I know there is the pre-AOP weekend but it is always good to start getting to know people asap.

Dates have been posted to YOTOs, looks like TAO time to me.
Spied the dates in the staff trawl, will definitely be sticking my name in when applications open up (barring a disastrous AIB).

Had a look around for proper breakdown of the 8 weeks but couldn't find anything much beyond first half is Phase 1A/B and second half is a mix of sea-time and passing out, seen anything yourself?
Been advised to get the TAO in anytime now.

I know a few people who were on it last year. You have the general idea, 2 weeks sea time and a mix of BRNC and CTCRM.

Need to be fit as f*ck was the advice. I plan to do militarisation weekend and if RDS allow marinisation weekend before it.

Good luck in AIB.
There's two of us from the unit now looking to get down for it but are still waiting for feedback from BRNC about scheduling conflicts so it's up in the air at the minute. My TAO's in for the May marinisation weekend so hopefully I'll be on that.
Ah nice, I was under the impression that if doing AOP there wern't the RDS to do OC Dec & OC Mariniation weekends beforehand... will give my WSC a nudge when next in. PM me if you want a detailed catchup before the late-May weekend.
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