AOL shite service

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. :x Fcuking AOL just spent the best part of Chrimbo tying to log on to AOL waited for hours to talk to some fecker in Mumbai or wherever to go through fault finding over the phone at fcuking degree level. He eventually told me it was my laptop. Went next door got the password for his wireless and connected in seconds!! What a waste of money - gave the poor fcukwit guy on the phone a real bollocking now on me second bacardi.
    New Year bliss back on RR
  2. They are all the same they have their little clipboard to read from. What is annoying is if you lose your connection they insist you start from scratch again.
  3. Ive had exactly the same snags with AOL, basically its always the password settings on the router. Type in to your browser, login is 'admin' password=password.
    Go to basic settings and your login should be 'your phone [email protected]' followed by your password. If this doesnt work ring up the idiots in Mumbai and get them to reset your password.
  4. I've been with Sky for 2 and a half years now with no snags at all. Good service, fairly cheap and we get the whole package with TV and phone thrown in.

    Th international calls are unbelievable. As long as the call is under 60 mins it is free (to the most popular 15 countries only mind) I have family in the States and Germany and the missus works abroad a lot, I can call them whenever, absolutely free of charge, if the call runs up to 59 mins I can just hang up and start again.

    Sky rocks.
  5. Cheers guys fcuking frustrating isn't it, just gone back to BT after all I'd be a cheeky tw*t to keep using next doors homehub.
    Still once a matelot!!!!!
  6. I was with AOL. After one problem too many I tried to cancel my account and go to a different service (Deutsche Telekom). It took months and many phone calls and a couple of threatening letters to get them to turn off the Broadband Whatjamacallit (I'm not a techy geek) so that my new service could be started. Then it took a techy geek to clear the AOL [email protected] off my system. Never again will I go near AOL.
  7. I'm with AOL and only had one problem and that was with my router. they fcuked me about for a while but the best way to get their attention is ask for your PACC code. This shows them you want to leave then they will give you earth to stay, including slashing your bill and upping your connection speed.
    Try it you will be amazed even if you don't want to leave.

  8. Sounds all the world like NTL, now Virgin Media. We thought NTL was a right load of socks, but when Virgin took over it fell off the edge of the world for us. This surprised me being a fan of Branson, never the less, utter crap.
    So now we use "Be There" through a BT land-line wire less connection. Not tempting fate, but in the past year and a bit, no hitches at all save when they were doing upgrades and maintenance.
    With NTL we had one of those con "Up to 20 Meg" deals and I never ever measured more than a 2meg download speed and that was in the middle of the night at Crimbo.
    This mob we are with now gives an "Up to" of 8meg, (Highest available through our exchange) and its always clocking around 6/7 meg and flies.

    If they read this I wonder if I will get money? 8O :D
  9. Im with Vermin, was Cable and Wireless/NTL, didnt bother to up grade to the "20 meg" service so should be on the "up to 2 megs" the speed, just tested was 9.87 megs. My dad on BT gets 18meg on their cheapest broadband.

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