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My son has got his date for Raleigh 1st October and his prnc in August, I'm just wondering what else he should be doing, he runs several times a week,swims weekly, bike rides for miles, watches what he eats, he is very conscious about being as fit as possible, he has another medical next month as his first is out of date as he will of had a 2 year wait when he goes
Many thanks everyone


Just finished half of raleigh, he needs to be good at body weight exercise, core strength (holding a press up position) press ups, running 1.5 mile and sprinting 800m under 3mins 30

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How on earth did you get him to do that? :D
Good point, nowadays we tend to do everything for our children which hampers their life skills and this becomes apparent in training.

I know for a fact that if I rang my son's phone whilst he was ironing, he would burn the side of his head.

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