Anyone with a black belt?

I have a big problem. The hard drive in the wife's netbook has failed. It is a HP mini. Unfortunately for me, I neglected to make the recovery USB media when we bought it, as you do. I have ordered a new hard drive. So my question is, does anyone know how I can reinstall windows from the recovery partition of the broken hard drive onto the new one? There is no CD/DVD drive. I have managed to copy the recovery partition onto another drive, but don't know what to do with it from there. Any ideas?
Is the drive you copied the recovery partition a small 3-½ inch drive. If so then source a case for an external HDD. That should then give you a USB lead, mini usb to standard usb2/3 which should then connect to a usb port on the laptop. After that - yer on yer own dude.
Google is your friend!!!!!!!
Apple-oggies. I did get it sorted. I had a copy of windows 7 anyway. Apparently the discs contain all versions of Windows 7 and it's the product key that unlocks and installs the correct version. I fitted a new HDD and installed Windows using the HP product key on the netbook and selected the correct version to install. Result! managed a fresh install without all of the HP bloatware...... then I flogged the netbook on ebay and bought a newer one.

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