Anyone willing to share useful materials???

Does anyone have any useful materials that I can use so I can prep for Fats?

For example items such as this would be great

Download the Flight Aptitude Test Workbook on Speed Distance Time

Anyone willing to share the love will earn a fabulous smiley!! :):):):):):):)
Your best bet is to type 'FATS' into the 'Search' Box top right to look for FATS on here, as I don't think we have a sticky on that subject which I can pull of a hat for you. I did a quick search and picked out one FATS thread but there are several others. Here you go:

I fear that FATS contributions have been a bit thin on the ground recently, because there haven't been any Pilot intakes at BRNC for a while, so some of the stuff may be a little old. Still, have a browse around and see what you can find.
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