anyone suggest a good crash draft please?!!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by limey_sailor, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. OK peeps, here it is.. i was a LOM (AWW), Transfered to tiff and got pinged to go submariner, today my DO told me that because i've been selected to go to pompey uni next year before dartmouth i'm a "special case" and wont be able to get on a boat to qualify as submariner, (as tiffs have to do the year wet phase. -bang goes the sub pay... and the golden hand shake... nuts!) i have already done 5 weeks of my SMQ and now have to decide what i would like to do until june next year, i dont want to sit in a careers office or anything like that. i said "put me back on a deployed skimmer somewhere, or get me a post in london".. (as i've never been based there!)

    SO!! - does anyone know of any good areas i could try gain employment for 6 months?? (ANYWHERE!)

    Any suggestions much appriciated!!
  2. What's wrong with sitting in a Careers Office?
  3. not really for me mate, wanna get out and do abit!
  4. Tiffs don't do a year 'wet phase'. What they do is about a year on a boat, rotating around the sections before proceeding to Raleigh to complete the PJT package for their chosen/selected specialisation. What's to stop you completing your SMQ on a boat? Use your 6 months to get to sea on a boat and get qualified. Then go to Uni with Submarine pay.
  5. Sounds to me like the Falklands for 6 months would suit you to the ground.



  6. ...tried Woolworths???.....Well, maybe not..(sorry, couldn't help myself with that) :thumright:
  7. Short of drivers in Afghan..........
  8. afgan get a gong extra pay and see how the other side play
  9. 600tp, I am there at the mo and my watch partner is a poor excuse for a 22yr killick none seagoing wren that is rather close to being sacked! It does mean working for/with the army but its only a short term thing!
  10. thats what i really wanted to do, they were going to let me, however there are more tiffs coming through and i would apparently be wasting a needed billet?
  11. whats 600tp? sounds interesting.. where is it?

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