Anyone Starting at HMS Raleigh this September?


Hello! I'm curious to find out how many people will be starting in September (2017)? The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to get to know some people before we arrive, I'll be starting as a Steward Apprentice!

Thank you!


I know of two others, both from the forum, they're starting later September though. Usually if you start a thread people comment after a day or two (unless of course your thread gets highjack by a few of the older vets who like to steer your thread off course).

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Lantern Swinger
RFA CT's don't go to Raleigh they start at Collingrad.
Anglycyn - Stewards, cooks and deckies will all start the same day at Raleigh. Don't fret about getting to know people, it's part of the Sunday evening ritual. You go there with a bond with one other already formed it can isolate you from all the other newbies.
Just relax, I wrote everyone's name down as I introduced myself, with their home town as well.
Within 24 hours you'll know everyone no probs.