Anyone serving in Naples?


Lantern Swinger
Good morning all,

Not been on here for a while, been busy prepping for imminent deployment to the 'Stan (tomorrow actually - pretty imminent)

However, on a brighter note, myself, Mrs Squirrel and baby squirrels are being despatched to Naples on my return. Due to join mid August.
Just wondering whether there are any other RR members out there at the mo? Would be nice to touch base beforehand.

Thanks in advance.

I left Naples this time 2 years ago so if you have any questions I might be able to help. Some things may have changed since I left but feel free to ask!

Have you seen the following website: Britannia in Italia

There is also a Facebook group for the British Community Centre - If you join that there will be loads of people, including families, who are currently out there you can contact. BCC Naples Facebook

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