Anyone on here a part of the recruitment team?

Hello fellas! Basically my situation is, I am a university student wanting to join the Royal Navy and I have my psychometric tests coming up soon. The AFCO is changing location and as of yet I have had no 'face time' with any of the recruitment team. I have saw various other threads on here suggesting one should sign up for the submarine taster course and things of the like. After reading this, and various other threads about SIFT interviews questions, one that intrigued me was one based about any previous visits to a naval base. Basically is this something I do myself by calling up a base or is it something I should ask my adviser to pursue?
I know I may get battered with the usual "you want to be an officer and you cant find out yourself" but I am just curious as to the correct protocol when it comes to arranging something like a visit to a naval base/enrolling on to the submarine taster course? Do they have any benefit when it comes to the SIFT interview or is it more for peace of mind that this is what I want to do?

I have been down to Gosport to visit the submarine museum but in terms of immersing myself I havent yet had much opportunity.

I apologize if this thread is a tad boring and the poor grammar! (Busy day) I did use the search function to see if this had been asked but found no results.


There are visits to places such as HMS Collingwood organised by your AFCO called potential officer courses but you'll need to be going through the application process to be eligible for them obviously. You can visit bases out of your own free will but you will do so as a member of the public.

I visited Portsmouth off my own back and went to collingwood with the RN.


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Just establish contact with your local AFCO - contact details in the signature block. Ideally you need to enter into the selection process before the service invests money in a Potential Officer acquaint/visit and you need to apply anyway about a year before you intend joining.

Good luck.


I just turned up to Portsmouth and explored to be honest, you'll find it hard to go there and back and have not learned anything.
Thanks guys! I have been to Portsmouth had a poke about but perhaps I am over thinking it but I just want to show my enthusiasm if/when questioned about it during interviews.


I have met the fitness requirements set by the Royal Navy (obviously exceeding them is the main goal) but I am by no means large, in a pumped up testicle shriveling sense. Is that an issue? I appreciate it should not be but when it comes to interviews etc people make up their minds rather quickly haha.
Last thing, for now anyway, in terms of knowing about the equipment used withing the Royal Navy, how in depth do I need to know each subject,
for example if asked about SSN submarines would i be safe with length, range and weaponry, classes and role?(all provided by the Royal Navy's website) or is further information required like sensors and processing systems (provide by wiki) ? I ask as I have my university exams coming up and I have a lot to remember for various modules etc so I aim to avoid any 'revision' that wont benefit me.
Again thanks lads, always a great help!
(sorry if anything I have mentioned in other threads)
thanks for all of your help guys! last minute issue, I have my psychometric tests Wednesday and I need my A level certs, i have my results (on an official piece of paper work) however my actual certificates are nowhere to be seen. I can get copies but they ask for originals. any advice? I have a few days too look, ( the worst thing is I keep everything in one folder, birth certificate, GCSE's etc yet these three bloomin certs appear to have absconded)
thanks again fellas!


Official confirmation of results was fine for me.

P.s The careers advisers won't bite - I was able to swap emails with mine covering all the concerns you have mentioned (and more)!
cheers pal! thanks guys for everything! I know I need to stand on my own two feet a bit more I just didnt want my first proper interaction to be a "hi, i forgot my homework" kind of scenario, enjoy your sunday evening people!


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The Seven P's apply for Officer applicants as much as they do Ratings. Many get caught-out at the very first stage by not revising for the recruiting test against the clock, in the assumption they are "over qualified" academically.

Best of luck.
just thought id drop a line to let everyone know it went well, the recruitment team were very helpful in deed gave me the lowdown on the next steps etc even recommended some reading material, 'hunter killer' im sure you have all read it! so time to knuckle down and on to the next hurdle. I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who commented!


just thought id drop a line to let everyone know it went well, the recruitment team were very helpful in deed gave me the lowdown on the next steps etc even recommended some reading material, 'hunter killer' im sure you have all read it!
I'm 3/4 way through this book. I can highly recommend it - especially if you're applying for the boats.

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