Anyone living in Rhu?

Please can I pick the brains of someone either living on one of the patches in Rhu or recently left. Mr GS is about to start applying for a quarter and doesn't have the time to go and have a look at the state of them and I'm too far away to go have a look for myself. We don't know anyone living up there at the moment.

Just want to know the condition (heard rumours but not from people either living there or recently left) and if there is one patch in better nick than another ie Smugglers vs Benacre vs the one on the other side of the loch (the name escapes me). Well aware that ultimately we won't have a choice but have to fill in the blanks on the form so might as well put the best patch first.

Many thanks.


Lantern Swinger
Mrs GS
Whatever area you go to make sure you smear yourself and the rest of your family with Midge repellent between the the months of march and october.
Sorry I cant be of more help
Hi there, I live 2 miles from Rhu. I do not know the condition of the quarters in Rhu, but the ones in Churchill, Helensburgh are currently being refurbished.
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