Anyone know where CPO (NCS) Ray thompson went?


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Last spotted lurking in the UKMCC some years ago.

The pipe smoking beer swilling old fart can't have gotten far. Any one got any idea's I'd be grateful for a PM.




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Last seen dressed as a pixie in Felixstowe's only nightclub celebrating Christmas in March on Live South East EXercise. I know 'cos I was there!
...heard he's living in the New Forrest with the New Age poeple...lost the plot completely and selling Dreamcatchers to the ponies!!! oh, and he is still alive!!! ....just! (joke) :thumright: :dontknow:


Lantern Swinger
Live Se-Ex was binned a few years ago.
Apparently the only opportunity to get live briefing experience in UK wasn't deemed relevant to NCAGS personnel!!!!!!!

Unable to assist in locating the current location of the pixe/elf!

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