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Anyone know Vicky?????


Hi all,

I am trying to track down an old friend! Her name is MOD: Edited due to Persec reasons She was on OM(C) last time I spoke to her which was a while ago!

She used to live down in Saltash!

Can anyone help?

No worries. I am now at Collingwood as a communications instructor once again. Can have an ask around there also and maybe able to get a look at some draft orders etc. Will get back to you on this thread.

May I remind you that it is unacceptable to go posting people's full names on this website. You may know them, however, they may not appreciate the whole t'internet knowing where they are possibly serving.

the_matelot said:
Well I do mind.

Oh I do like it when you're dominant!

He has a valid point though, you may think she is not bothered but permission is a sacred thing. In the future please keep OPSEC/PERSEC in mind lads and lasses.

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