Anyone know this bloke?

During a 24 year naval career (mainly in diesel submarines) Tom managed to juggle the requirements of the service with a growing commitment to participating in folk clubs, concerts and festivals; sometimes solo, often with his first wife, Kate and, occasionally, as a member of various groups
rosinacarley said:
He lives in BC, which does indeed explain a lot.

And before any of the colonials have a go - my mother lives over there so I should know!
No problems from me, if you read the fine print he's a DP..... :hockey:
joined as an Engeneering/apprentice 59 ? thought everyone had to go to Ganges or ST Vincent.I stand corrected :thumright:
Oh, he's a bit Piratey me hearties! Get him in his Chiefs hat and earring.
From Ulster and now lives in Canada, as Rosie says 'Explains a lot'.
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