Anyone joining Raleigh July 19th 2009

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jayne, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Heya i start my training July 19th. Im wondering if there's anyone out there with the same date?
  2. my freind is lol
  3. PM Thingy
  4. you'll have to tell them to get in touch!
  5. Jayne

    You can get in touch with Johnny009 who is joining on the same date and in the same branch as you, just by clicking on his name in the list and then sending him a PM.
  6. ive already done that thanks. i thought they might have been on about someone else
  7. Hi Jayne
    Theres four of us going from Newcastle !!! c u there..... we can't wait just not looking forward to drive down...... raleigh ere we come!!
  8. wickd! i cant wait either. You getting the train then? im getting the train from either blackburn or preston aint decided yet then changin at birmingham!
  9. Hiya, Im joining Raleigh on the 19th as a Diver, What you going in as Jayne?. :)
  10. Theres a girl off my Rnac called Beckie from Manc going in on the 19th also
  11. hey im joinin as CIS.

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