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Anyone interested in buying a Laser dinghy?


War Hero
I have a Laser dinghy for sale,

comes with 5 rigs -
Standard rig (with 2 standard sails)
New 4.7 rig
New and unopened Radial rig
M rig (but no M size mast sorry)

All the bits and pieces
Carry bag for sail/centreboard/rudder/tiller etc.
Launching trolley
Top cover

Only faults are a tear in the top cover, small chip in the centreboard (does not affect sailing) and the launching trolley is of the plastic flimsy type, but does the job.

Stored at a sailing club in Dundee.

Price - open to offers!

Anyone interested...? :D

Sorry got one don't need two.

Try advertising here, and you could also try putting a for sale card up in Port Edgar Yacht Club and at Dalgety Bay Yacht Club both of which have quite strong dinghy sailing fleets, I presume you have already advertised at Royal Tay if the boat is at Dundee.

Good luck



War Hero
Cheers Maxi,

Yep I am advertising at the Royal Tay as that is where the boat is based, hadn't thought about the other clubs.

Any idea how easy it is to transport a Laser on top of a car? As I don't have a road trailer for it that would be the only way...
Quite a few people roof top them, you do need a reasonably sturdy set of bars, and a friend to help lift, two is better. Once the boat is upside down on the bars you can put the bendy trolley on top, so not too difficult.

Good luck



Lantern Swinger

Dinghys seem to do quite well on Ebay, That was where I got mine last year and I have been delighted with might like to check it out
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