Anyone in Milton Keynes training for their PJFT? Read This.


Hey guys, I'm a personal trainer based in Milton Keynes. I'm currently looking to help anyone that's joining the Armed Forces pass their PJFT for free. I have a six and eight week fitness program which I've designed specifically for people training to be in the armed forces (any branch). It focuses on increasing strength, stamina, endurance and also injury prevention.
This will be one to one coaching with focus on getting you prepared (most likely more than prepared!) for your fitness test.

Having read a lot of the topics on these forums, the 1.5 mile run and push-ups seems to be what quite a few struggle with the most, and this is something I can definitely help with.
If you're based in or near Milton Keynes, and really need some help with passing your PJFT, I'm offering to help you out for free with absolutely no strings attached. The only condition is that you provide me with a testimonial after your training is complete.

This will be for a limited time only as I'll only have spaces for a set number of people. If this is something you might be interested in, then please visit my website: and fill in the form on the main page with your contact details, and I will get in touch with you.

p.s. even if you're not in MK, I have a facebook page devoted to helping out people in the Armed Forces. I post daily content on fitness related topics, including exercise, nutrition and also mindset stuff. Check it out here:
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