Anyone in Japan?

BillyNoMates car (Toyota Granvia) has now got a shagged ignition (the bit you put the key in). Try as I might here in the UK - I can't source the bit I need. Is there a Japanese Scrap Yard full of old Granvias and some way I can get hold of this vital bit of kit. Currently broke out the dash, split the starting section from the part one shoves the key into and I get it going using the original key (which takes off the steering lock) - and a ******* screwdriver which gets poked into the other bit to make the bastard go. I am fast losing the will to get up in the mornng. Need this piece of Japanese technology, as my big motor will be used to move stuff to the new house. Failing this mad-arsed request, is there anyone in this country thats near a scrapper who deals in second hand Jap bits.

Any help will be appreciated.

Also posting this begging request on Nationwide Gumtree later.

Help an old submariner in dire need?

Oh and feel free to take the piss as well. I'll check back when on Nights Thurs/Fri.


Anybody fancy nickin' it, taking it somewhere quiet like and setting the bloody thing on fire? You will be handsomely rewarded. Thanks to all for the links - trying everywhere. My man from the AA has pointed me in the direction of a possible repair option (mobile bloke who does stuff like this - will see how that goes). In the meantime I drive it and pray to all the Demons in the Seven Realms of Asgagoth that the steering lock doesn't engage when I'm on the way to the recycling facility, or work.

Oh happy, happy day.
Do an eBay search for 'breaking Toyota Granvia' and see what comes up.

That's how I got a load of obscure replacement Nissan bits for the ones my dog ate.
Patterdale Terrier.

The wife thought it'd be a mega idea to leave her in the car by herself while she nipped into the shops.

Came back and all the knobs for the stereo, sat nav and air vents were gone.

Before anyone gives it stacks about dogs dying in cars etc. it was -1 up here at the time.
No chance that the dog ate an ignition key barrel that he/she may shit out in the near future then? I'm willing to wash it - but only if its a suitable replacement.
Hi Billy,

As JFH said, I frequent these parts. I'll have to Google what a Granvias is because I've never heard of one. Having said all that, if you PM me I'll try and sort you out.

One of the snags is I'm based in Japan but fly all over the place, so I'm not necessarily in Nippon all the time (in fact not too much at all) but I will do my best =-)

This reminds me of 2 quotes I read once by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. 1) laziness is not worth a dam unless it is carried out properly. 2) A friend in need is a BLOODY NUISANCE.
Pontius. I was being "subtle" in my pleas for help....but y'know who I was really, really hoping would
give it a go. I can hardly picture you residing in some apartment adjacent to a Japanese Scrap Yard,
but any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
I shall continue my quest and don;t put yourself out any on my account.


Well, I'm here at the moment and am flying with a bunch of Japanese tomorrow. They may be giggling cabin crew but I know they'll be able to point me in the right direction and a few of my mates have more permanent Japanese 'help' that I can call on to try and source your ignition bits. If you can let me know exactly what you need I can always ask; the worst they can say is "一体何するグランヴィアです" (giggle, giggle)

Edited to add: I've just noticed this is in the jokes section. Sorry if I've screwed up a subtle joke BNM bit I clicked on the thread title from the main menu and not the forum index, or else I would have noticed the jokes section.
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Thanks for the offer of assistance. I'll lurk out the chassis number and all that (will even click off a photo of my destroyed dashboard and the bit therein), and PM it....say Thursday night? Damn clever these Japanese, but without a replacement, the car is a virtual write-off and we can't be doing with that at this time because of all the crap we've got to shift to the new abode (subject to them nice mortgage people confirming that I am a viable human being that is). You can't get an American fridge freezer in a Daewoo can get a Daewoo Matiz into an American fridge freezer but that don't solve the problem.


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