anyone here into athletics?

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by 2cool, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. is anyone on here into athletics? what kind of training do you get time for in the navy?
  2. I compete at triathlon if you can class that as "athletics", can't comment on it in the navy as i am not yet in.

    In school i was mint at the pointy stick throwing game... might take that back up if i get the chance in the mob.
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  3. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Wouldn't say specifically athletics but I'm very keen on my phys.

    Get alot of running down, strength training and crossfit!
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  4. In my day my sport was Judo, I would go off for 3 month training camps with the combined service squad, but that was in the day where the forces were large and not as stretched as they are now.
    You were always expected to keep your own training going and be at peak as much as possible , you also had to participate in a recognised sport, that means a sport the armed forces as chosen to support, originally judo was not on the list, so no time off or duty travel to events, had to take leave or beg, time off, once it was recognised getting support was a lot better. But in the end it is up to your ship or unit to release you, without replacement.
  5. thanks sumo thats just the kind of information ive been wanting to know, im actually a sprinter and im almost training full time now ( 6 - 8 sessions a week work depending) so have been sweating as to whether i will get chance to keep this up, even though the navy encourages physical activity that doesnt mean im not going to get posted away on a ship.. not so easy to do a sprint session on a survey ship i should imagine
  6. Skimmers only spend 10 days at sea between ports, your fitness won't drop that much.

    Standing by for incoming :)
  7. There's always doubling on the spot in number 1 trap.
  8. its not about the fitness, you can do circuits/weights etc on board for fitness as such, but as a sprinter you need to be constantly keeping up the speed work (i.e actually sprinting, not jogging or any other kind of exercise)

    but i do hope theres some truth in the above :D :D
  9. Look at being a PTI if that branch still exists?
    In RN, RM Army or RAF
    Ask the chef for regular Delly Belly that should help with the speed work?

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