Anyone here done Local Foriegn Service?

creeper said:
Yep, that the job, 2 to 3 years at Creech AFB, living in the suberbs of Las Vegas with the wife and sprog.
I think I'm gonna need to buy me a Mustang - quite fancy the '07 Shelby GT500.

Have a nice day.


Jez Clarkson has one he can't run on UK roads 'cos it's too low slung - I believe the sleeping coppers have something to do with it... :)


You will still pay income tax - it will come out of your pay as usual.

My understanding is you ask for your pay to be allocated between your usual UK bank account and payment in dollars in to your local bank account you will need to set up when you get out there.

I'm off to Baltimore in August 08.


When in Cyprus, the first I did was to open a Cypriot bank account, I got paid in Cyprus pounds, but had an allotment sent to my UK account for my mortgage etc. You do pay council tax (about £80 a month in Cyprus), its call CILOCT - Charges In Lieu Of Council Tax. So depending on the Pussers current exchange rate depends how much you get paid locally. I imagine its quite favourable in the US at present.


Finally got a draft order - off to the states at the end of Aug for 2-3 years, just need to sell the cars and motorbike, get the cat put down
(nobody wants him) find some tennents etc etc....

Found one of cars I wanted - Ford main dealer in Las Vegas wants $25,000 OVER the list price for it because they are only making 8,000 of them.
Well they can ram it they think this matelot will pay that much over the odds for a car only costing $42,000.

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