Anyone here done Local Foriegn Service?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by creeper, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. Got me a LFS draft at the end of the year and was wondering if anyone here knows what I can claim for and any gen dits that may help.
    I am going accompanied with Mrs Creeper and Jnr who will be one when we go.
    I'm not gonna say where we are off to until I've seen a Draft Order/Assignment Notification or what ever JPA calls it, but the two and a half who sorts it has let me know by email that I've got it :lol:
  2. Good link Salty Dog, alas my location is a bit more glamorous than Gib so no info for me.
    Lots of good stuff on the site about LFS though.
    Creeper (soon to have a cracking suntan :p )
  3. Hmmm - don't count your chickens shipmate, they have a habit of turning into turkeys. A lot can happen between now and the end of the year

    I have had 4 decent drafts cancelled over the years, either due to being medically downgraded, drafty changing his mind, some war or crisis starting up somewhere or the wind changing direction.

    Keep your suntan lotion safely stowed away until you are on the flight!
  4. Re: Anyone here done Local Foreign Service?

    Currently on an accompanied LFS and been here for 6 months.

    First tip, as soon as you've got your draft order get in touch with the Overseas movements section at Nelson, they will get you in for a brief where they fill all the forms in with you. I found this useful as some of the movements forms are a nightmare to decypher.

    Have you got your own house? are you going to sell it or rent it out, either way you are entitled to a refund of expenses - up to 5K for a buy/sell but you can apply for a re-entry certificate so you can sell and claim the expenses then use the balance of the 5K when you return to UK as long as you buy again within 6 months. Alternately you can claim the fees involved in letting your house.

    The movements packages depend on where you are going. Some locations you can move everything you have (up to about 67 m3 I believe) or the other alternative is to move most stuff into storage and have the things you need moved out. I got 11.75 m3 for me, the missus and 2 kids and it's amazing how quick you use this up!

    Will you be taking your car? again, depends upon your location as to whether you need one as soon as you arrive. Where I am, it's essential to have a car immediately and a second car makes things bearable for the other half. If you take your car out there then you can get OWP where you claim the costs back once you've done the journey. If I was doing this again, I would have sent the missus and kids on the plane and driven out by myself as the amount you can claim is up to the cost of 1 flight even though there would have been 4 flights had we not driven. This may be different now under JPA

    Disturbance allowance = free cash! You will get through it though.

    On the subject of money, build yourself up a slush fund before you arrive, the first month or so it's constant spending

    Plug travel adaptors - buy loads of these, saves you hours of changing plugs!

    Thats it for now! Hope this helps - if you have any specific questions ask away
  5. Re: Anyone here done Local Foreign Service?

    Same old branches getting the cushy drafts then...... nice to see some things never change. Best LFS I ever heard of were for Comms/Wtr/Diver. Pick yer branch, take yer chance. :wink:
    Every C230 I ever put in had LFS volunteer on it, they must have missed that box :lol:
  6. Although a lot has probably changed since my 2 stints in Gib I believe that there is still a difference between RN billets and Nato ones.

    Nato used to qualify for Duty Free Spirits and also had various travel and vehicle allowances.

    The major problem I had with LFS was withdrawl symptoms when I returned to the UK!
  7. The main reason I joined the mob was because a girlfriend at school had a big brother in the mob and he came home on leave while I was there with his new Mrs from Hong Kong. That was my main motivation, dreams of far off Easten lands.
    Fcuking cheers drafty.
    Never saw Hong Kong until I left the mob, then went straight there. Didn't send drafty a postcard either grrrrrr
  8. I hope that you didn't introduce big brothers wife to the caretaker Lingy. Seems when he meets ladies their knickers fall off :oops:
  9. Re: Anyone here done Local Foreign Service?

    Should have been a pinky then Ling, they get their fair share

    Still do here, booze, fags and fuel. We've also got the use of the NEX
  10. Re: Anyone here done Local Foreign Service?

    I think mine is the best yet, I'll let you all know what it is when I see a draft order :lol:
  11. CO's approval signal has been returned to drafty - just waiting for the draft order JPA thingie to appear.
    The unit I'm joining has started to send me info so it looks like it's on.
  12. Re: Anyone here done Local Foreign Service?

    I used to live in Thailand and on ocasion had to go to Singapore for work . Rather than mess about too much with adaptors I brought a multi point extension lead from Thailand and fitted a UK style mains plug for use in Singapore. I could then plug in my Thai plugs in the extension. I also had aUK style multi extension lead with a two pin Thai plug for use with UK plugs in Thailand.
    doing it this way is fine short term but not necessarily the best thing long term for everything in the house. UK fused plugs are great though on the safety side in that they are fused.
  13. Re: Anyone here done Local Foreign Service?

    come on, we are all waiting, any clues?
  14. I came back from an LFS two years ago, was in JSSU(CYPRUS) formerly JSSU(Ayios Nikolaos). Its a huge step and one you need to be well prepared for. If theres any burning questions/queries that I may be able help on then drop me a line. The RNOSU at Nelson needed alot to be desired when I went down there, have no idea what they are like now but I doubt they can be any worse!
  15. I'm out here on a LFS with the Comms man. in a nutshell, Keep all reciepts as it's amazing what you can claim back.
    If your furniture goes before you check the BRs as I'm sure you can stay in hotel, cheers pusser. Where are you looking at?
  16. Re: Anyone here done Local Foreign Service?

    [I think mine is the best yet, I'll let you all know what it is when I see a draft order :lol]
    come on, we are all waiting, any clues

    1st guess...... within 200 miles of Port Canaveral.
  17. Re: Anyone here done Local Foreign Service?

    answers on a postcard please!!
  18. Re: Anyone here done Local Foreign Service?


    The answers on here:

    The lucky Barsteward!!!!

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