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Anyone here a SG 1/2


Just applied for the SG2 trainee deckhand and was wondering if anyone here currently dose that job? If so could you give me an insight into the day to day activities ? (On ship and off). What is you favourite part of the job and least favourite? I have watched the DVDs and read the website about it but they always glorify it to get people to apply lol. Just want someone with this particular experience to give honest feedback about it, good and bad. Cheers
F.A.O. Any SG2/SG1B's out there ! I'd be very grateful for any advice please regarding the relevant MCA/STCW95 tickets and seatime required to validate them.
O.K. After applying for SG2 previously and passing the A.F.C.O. tests twice now,but not passing the sift,I've applied again and fortunately after applying via the on-line application process,have been informed by RFA Recruitment that I don't have to sit the tests again this time due to having previously passed them within a time period.
I've applied for SG1B but due to lack of registered seatime, I've been informed that this is not possible.In the meantime,i'm also informed that the reason I didn't make pass the sift previously was because I was deemed "over qualified" for entry as a trainee ! So I'm back to applying for SG2 again.
This is the present state of play with regards to training/certification:

STCW95 Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities
Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
Sea Survival Techniques
Elementary First-Aid

E.D.H.(Examination Pass Certificate)
Steering Certificate

Oil-Tanker Safety Certificate
Dangerous Goods at Sea Certificate

G.M.D.S.S.(General Operator's Certificate)

(W.M.A./S.T.C./Marine Society T.S.)

I'm aware that I'm missing the Rating's Nav Watchkeeping Certificate and 6 months sea registered sea time to validate the E.D.H. (Exam Pass Certificate).I've got a valid ENG1 Med Certificate,but obviously don't hold a British Seaman's Discharge Book/I.D.Card. So,as you can see,I'm in a "catch 22" situation, under qualified for SG1B, "over qualified" for SG2 !

The reason I did all this training was because I used to be a member of the RNR till closure of the unit as an RO1(T),and as such sailed regularly on RFA's as a supernumary signalman,but was really drawn to the deck side of the ship,so after getting advice from the crews at the time,decided that I'd have to invest my own time and money to get the relevant tickets,but trying to get seatime has become an almost impossible feat.

I haven't given up on "the dream".as I'm not one who gives up just because of hurdles in the way,but I'm also realistic enough to be aware that unless anything has changed in SG2/SG1B selection,then it's probable that i'll not pass the sift yet again. I must stress that when I've previously discussed this dilemma with RFA Recruitment,and stated that with reference to SG2 training for the MCA Certificates that I would welcome refresher training in all the relevant subjects,but have been informed that it would be in my own interests not to put in the application form that I'm in possession of the above tickets.OK,no problem with that,but if I'd known that in the first instance,I wouldn't have started the courses and used up such a lot of time and money at my own expense.

If Ninja Stoker/Ex Jenny and others on this site read this, and especially the people on here who are actually serving now in the relevant positions,then your thoughts on the matter will be really appreciated, and to all of you applying for entry as SG2/SG1B this time all the very best to you and please don't give up if you don't make the cut this time around !

Yours Kindly,

(Stobart Night Driver).


Lantern Swinger
So,as you can see,I'm in a "catch 22" situation, under qualified for SG1B, "over qualified" for SG2 !
Do you have to declare that you hold the qualifications which are making you over qualified for SG2?

Would that improve your chances? I don't see the harm in it. It's not in the same league as saying you have qualifications that you don't.

Just my thoughts, I don't understand how being over qualified can be a problem!
Hello The Communicator !
Yes I agree with you, it does seem strange that this is the response I receive from the RFA Recruitment Staff when I've questioned them over this issue. However, it is what it is, so I've just got to get on with it; and see where this application takes me ?
Thank you for your reply.

Batman n Robin

Lantern Swinger
Am not gonna, we clean... we paint, we clean some more

Its a huge part of the job.

Then we do seamanship - berthing, boats, gunnery, steering, flightdeck ops, cranes, forklifts, anchoring.

Not forgetting the really important task of pulling the jack n ensign up as soon as the first rope has gone over to the jetty. The bridge piss their pants over this one!!


It's a deck hands job. Think of what any other deckhand does in any other job, and that's 80% of what you'll be doing. - The stuff that they use as advertising material (Boats, guns, etc) fills the rest.
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