Anyone have a copy of "Naval General Service Medal Roll"

I've been doing a bit of family history research and turns out there are a few relatives of mine who served in the Royal Navy. I've managed to get the more recent records online from the National Archives which is great but now I need to go further back for another relative. I was told he earned a NGS medal - so that would mean he served between 1793 - 1840; I know records for that far back aren't as easy to find as more recent records. Doing a bit of looking online I'm hoping the book "Naval General Service Medal Roll" by K. J. Douglas-Morris might provide me with a new lead!

So I need a bit of help :)

1: Does anyone have a copy of this book? I'd really appreciate if someone could perhaps check for a name for me?

2: Also does anyone know whether the book lists everyone who received a NGS medal?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer!


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Navy Genes,

I have access to the UK Naval Medal & Award Rolls 1793-1972 and I would be happy to search through the listings for you.