Anyone good at ropes ?

:whew: Was reading one of them Naval history fiction books a few months ago, the Alexander Kent type of book, in the story the following knot was mentioned..........ladies please excuse the use of this word but it is in the interests of gaining knowledge you understand.........a '**** splice'.......... and for the life of me I can't find out what the hell it is, there's bound to be someone in RR who will know I expect. Cheers. :rambo:
The ****-splice is constructed in the same manner as the eye-splice, being no other than the ends of two lines fastened together at a short distance from each other, the extremities of either being interwoven into the bight of the other, so that the line becomes double in the extent of the splice. This is chiefly used in lead-lines, log-lines, and fishing-lines, where the short-splice would be liable to separation, as. being frequently loosened by the water
Not any good at ropes, but a quick input to google found this:-

cut splice (originally called **** splice) - A splice similar to the eye splice. It is typically used for light lines (e.g., the log-line) where a single splice would tend to come undone, the rope being frequently wet. It makes a very strong knot. A cu(n)t splice is a join between two ropes, made by splicing the ends slightly apart, to make an eye in the joined rope which lies shut when the rope is taut.

Me I prefer to splice the main brace. Oops, showing my age now. :rambo:


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:Was reading one of them Naval history fiction books a few months ago, in the story the following knot was mentioned '**** splice' For the life of me I can't find out what the hell it is
You obviously never heard the story matey.
In the second world war a major tank battle took place in the desert and every British tank got trashed. Everyone got killed except for one Percy pongo who was captured by some travelling Arabs.

In retaliation the Brits organised a bombing raid on the Jerry tank compound, but all the bombers got shot down and only one Crabfat survived. Unfortunately, he was captured by the travelling Arabs and put in a stockade.

During the same week a destroyer pulled into Alexandria from the Malta convoys and Jack was let loose on the local population. One matelot decided to try riding a camel in a right pissed state and it galloped off into the wilderness totally out of control. A day later he was picked up by some travelling Arabs and set to work with Percy and Cecil Crabfat in the stockade.

Within a week the Arab cheiftain became mighty pissed off with the three servicemen because of their loafing attitude, but being a fair slave worker he offered them a deal. He said "I offer you a chance of freedom, tell me to do something for you which you consider to be impossible and if I fail I will free you. Otherwise you will graft like ten".

After a local consensus Percy stood up and with a click of his fingers he said, "Get me one thousand camels, just like that".

With a click of the Chieftains fingers one thousand camels appeared all over the desert and Percy went whining back to work.

Cecil Crabfat thought, 'He can't have many more camels' and said, "Get me two thousand camels just like that".

With a snap of the Chieftains fingers two thousand camels appeared in the desert.

Jack thought 'Fcuk me, he must have millions of fcuking camels' and being a devious bastard he thought about it for a moment.

When he had thought enough he said to the Chieftain, "Bring me your prettiest wife". To which the Chieftain responded.

He then said, "Strip her naked, turn her upside down, plant her head in the sand and open her legs".

The Chieftain thought this a most unusual instruction, but complied.

Jack then said, "Root amongst her fur and pull the smallest hair you can find out of her fanny".

The Chieftain rooted and rooted until he could find the smallest hair and with a tweak he proudly held it aloft.

Jack said, "Right smart arse, make a back splice in that bastard". To which the Chieftain responded with, "You ****" and from which time, it has always been known as a **** Splice.

You learn something new every day don't you?
:toilet: (Right smart arse, make a back splice in that bastard)
:Dabs, absolutely brilliant, made my stomach hurt.
Love that picture of the splice, amazed where you all find this stuff. Avast handsomely. :toilet:


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Love that picture of the splice, amazed where you all find this stuff. Avast handsomely. :toilet:
Just made for you HORNBLOWER. lol
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