Anyone going on RNAC course at HMS Collingwood 26th September?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RhysJJ, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. Hey people just packing my bag for tomorrow! Bit nervous! Any advice welcome
  2. Put the stuff you'll need first at the top.
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  3. iron isnt on the kit list
  4. anyone been on the course? i would have thought we'd be doing abit of ironing there.
  5. with an iron
  6. Enjoy! I haven't been on the course yet, my CA advised on me doing it closer to a Phase 1 date would be beneficial, sometime next year hopefully.

    Everyone i have spoke to that's done it enjoyed it, don't fail the fitness tests!!
  7. ha yeah i'm abit nervous about the fitness tests but all should be ok i hope. got 11.38 to complete the run although we have a 2 hour circuit training session before!
  8. Well at the end of the day i think not only is it a course to allow potential recruits the chance to see if the Royal Navy is for them, its a effin wake up call to the lazy gets who stop doing Phys after the PJFT on a treadmill and thinks all the hard works done, So yes 2 hours of circuit then the 1.5 mile run should get people sweating and realise phase 1 will have exercise and stop people not being ready for it.

    So enjoy the circuit muahahaha.
  9. I'll be there tommorow, it's the second time I have been, I did the rnac course June last year, but been asked/told to do it again as they have made it compulsory. It's not hard at all, more of a good time to be honest.
  10. Why does that make me uneasy sjrm?!

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