anyone going in to raliegh on february the 10th

Welcome pengyl....should imagine that there will be a lot like you (nervous and scared) but don't worry, you won't be eaten!! All things are calm and relaxed, made to feel at home even (well, for the first five minutes or so anyway!!) Good luck, you're all in the same boat (pun intended) :thumright:
thanx i did the rnac course n loved that but i no itll be completly different from raliegh n i no ia int got far to go so ill be able to go n see my friends n family easier


War Hero
Welcome to RR!

Everyone has concerns when they join, fear not, (Fearnought?) as has been pointed out already there will be a group joining the same day as you feeling exactly the same & anxious to exchange their hopes & fears.

You will have your pre-entry brief about a month or so before you join at your local Careers Office & probably meet some that will be joining with you, if it's a main city office, such as Plymouth.

Good luck, you'll enjoy it.

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