Anyone for Tenuous?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by shellbackmac, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. Anyone for tenuous???? Everyone must know someone, who knew someone, who met someone famous...... Michael O'Brien was the first streaker at a major sporting event when he got his giblets out at Twickenham in 1974 during England v France. The copper with his helmet over the hairy idiot's willy is none other than my old divisional officers dad (or so he reckoned!).
  2. My dads a cab driver. Bores me to tears with his tales of "guess who I had in the back of the cab the other day" ;)

    On a slightly different note, my dads cousin was the (bad) getaway driver in the Brinks Mat debacle, my mums cousin plays the Harp (please!) for a top orchestra, and my maternal Grandads uncle (or great uncle I forget which) was indeed Michael Barrett, of Republican fame :)
  3. If it was some nymphet starlet it could be interesting!
  4. Bet hes never had Lord Lucan in the back of his Cab!
  5. Well he wouldn't know if he had, would he :)
  6. Didn't Michael Barret introduce Nationwide with Sue Lawley?
  7. Or Ethel Merman....... :lol:
  8. He might have, but the one I'm talking about, apart from his name being spelt differently, was the last person publicly hanged in the UK.
  9. Ahh, Erica Roe!
    I spaffed for bloody MONTHS dreaming of her :D
  10. The bloke Ive been working for today, is Charlie Brooks's (Janine off Eastenders) uncle and he has been on the weakest link
  11. erica roe used to work in a bokshop in Petersfield.All the baby RO's used to go and oggle
  12. my uncle used to work for lancaster garages on outskirts of colchester.

    he along with me riding shotgun aged 10 delivered a ferrari to a big hotel in london for a photoshoot.

    had to get it into the service lift and deliver it to Tom Sellock on the 3rd or 4th floor.

    was awestruck by the big tached perma tan.

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