anyone for crowborough ??

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by joesoap, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. is any one going to this and what should you expect?
  2. Probably nothing. The town has a carnival on 15 September. A Christmas fun day on 21 November and a civic carol service 2nd December.
    No offence but I for one will give it a miss :wink:
  3. A team from Caroline shall be present!
  4. At which event The Christmas Fun Day? :wink:
  5. I'm not biting :)
  6. Aw, please,...pretty please. :wink:
    At least give us a clue as to what is happening there,besides those listed on the web page
  7. Altho it's my first Challenge, those that have gone before indicate it's a national CLM/DCT style competition. Wouldn't surprise me if the lads from Talybont were there or had designed the whole thing. Should be a laugh.
  8. Solyent... I'm not fishing for a bite, want to know in plain speak is this a RNR type challenge, ?CLM/DCT genuine question as I'm sure that lots of others don't honestly know and probably don't know where Talybont is or who it is. Cheers
  9. No probs.

    It's a national RNR command leadership task competition. I believe it takes the form of an orienteering route with regular stops to complete CLM tasks. That's one day and then on the Sunday a mix of sports and assault course finishes the competition. Talybont is the national command leadership training group in Wales, who provide CLM training and I understand have approved the programme for Crowborough.
  10. Thanks. Let us know how it all pans out.
  11. Absolutely hoofing weekend boys and girls - despite the beer and salad shortage on saturday evening.

  12. Still i suppose beer isnt everything is it, :wink:
  13. Glad it went well..BZ
  14. Crowborough 09 was indeed a superb weekend. Many thanks to all those who took the time to participate, organise and/or plan the whole thing.

    I hate to say it, but beer isn't everything (and salad is definitely 'optional'). Anyway at most points during Saturday evening there appeared to be some variety of drink available. Just wasn't always beer (must remember to avoid quite so many of those WKDs next time tho - blue is not a sensible colour for a drink!).

    Here's looking forward to another excellent event in 2010.

  15. What the hell was a blue coloured drink,dont tell me you guys ended up on cocktails :D
  16. Yep, great weekend. 16 teams this year - mentioned this may have been best ever turnout with estimated 10% of RNR in there (reminder of how small we are...)

    Well organised, all stances well thought out. Assault course staff were very good. Volleyball games hilarious.

    One small thing... I'm sure most people would pay more than a fiver pp to have burgers and sausages rather than the mystery meat we were served - but no reflection on the cooks as it was all hot.

    Having said that I've rarely seen more effort by staff running the event - really well done.
  17. Would agree with pay more money and get more choice of fodder. By the time I'd got to the front of the queue all the salad was gone. Not that I'm a particularly healthy kind of chap but i do like a bit of greenery with my road kill :wink:

    One other point for improvement would be the accomodation on Friday evening. Not the fact about being in tents but the lack of them was a little annoying. By the time we arrived they were completely full - and i mean completely. Yes, were were the one's shining torches in everyone's face at 1am. :p And trophys for second and third place?

    I'll definately be pushing it to the other guys and girls in our unit for next year. The fact that we came second was just a bonus.
  18. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I was manning a stance - it was a great weekend, made even better by the superb attitude of all the teams that I saw. Well done teams on giving 100% throughout the weekend, and for ensuring that the DS enjoyed themselves as much as the teams.

    Definitely going to sign up for next years event!
  19. Grats on 2nd place, Trehorn! Our team comprised mainly of NEs, and we managed a respectable 7th, although we did finish a man down due to the dangerous volleyball event!

    The weekend on the whole was enjoyable, it was my first - and deffinately not last - RNR weekend. I'm suitably aching today, but fortunately not at work!
  20. Aching muchly also! :tard: I think it has something to do with our team opting to revisit all the stances again on saturday afternoon as a squad in full kit including bergans - doubling! :roll:

    Will we ever learn? :D

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