Anyone else stuck in the system???

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Spaceman99, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. Passed the recuitment test back in late September and 9 weeks later have heard nothing about taking the next stage (eye test/medical?).Anyone else stuck in the system??Think you'd get an e-mail or something to tell you something!!!!
  2. Why don't you ring AFCO?
  3. Dont be stupid Jacko that would be sensible! :eek:
  4. as jacko said ... phone up your AFCO!

    the AFCO sent me my medical questionnaire and eye test forms 2 days after completing the RT test.
  5. No, you're the only one. Everyone else who applied in September are at sea.

    You dull twat.
  6. Not everyone is at sea. I applied in September and I have just returned from 6 weeks of flying Apaches in Afghanistan.

    This STC branch rocks.
  7. OPSEC 2DD

    Dont you remember the brief "you are not officially here!"
  8. Is that you Dinger?
  9. Called AFCO twice the guy just says they have'nt forgotten about you.Think it's the standard answer they're giving to everyone at the moment.Im going for mine warfare which is 2 years the looks of it thats just the application process though!!!!!!!!
  10. Happy Days

    Yet another muppet! :)
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The AFCOs generally only process those joining trades viewed as shortage trades beyond the Recruiting Test.

    For financial reasons, those with a year or more to wait will not be brought forward in the selection process until such time as a realistic start date is due.

    There are over 2000 applicants similarly placed, waiting to move forward. Even if the selection process were to be completed straight away it would not bring a join date any further forward & several elements of selection would simply need repeating as their validity expires.
  12. Wow did'nt realised id posted to a forum of 10 year olds!Hope your waits date lasts till your last breath.
  13. Cheers dits,

    I think you will find most who have replied are in or have already left and have better things to moan about than waiting times.

    You asked the question and got an answer didnt you :roll:
  14. And for those who speak English.................Stop being nasty to me, I want you all to die because I is speshul
  15. Cheers ninja true loads of people in same boat at the moment.Right pain would love to go work abroad next summer for a bit but will have to stick around in uk just in case!
  16. I think the AFCO are purposefully ignoring you. There's a lad out here with me who took his RT in September and already has his killicks! And he has Aspergers and one arm!!! I'd kick off mate you're being seen right off!
  17. Taking the piss out of people with aspergers.Hmm..god i hope you are'nt/were'nt/about to be in the royal navy!
  18. Don't worry mate; we also find time to drown the little retards.

    If they're black and gay then they're really fucked.
  19. Don't forget taffs, we fcuking hate them too.

    Spaceman, if your internet sense of humour is even remotely similar to your real sense of humour, I'll wager good money that within three days of walking through the gates at Raleigh, you'll be found swinging from your steaming bat laces in the heads at 3am.
  20. I'd have been pissed off if I had been kept in limbo when I joined.
    Sarcastic comments by some on here does not bode well with a me.
    Some on here want to grow up and not act like spoilt brats.
    So all you newbies I wish you all good luck if, and when you get in. :santa:

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