anyone else get fed up with.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by FunkyJunky, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. everyone in the forces being refered to as...SOLDIER.

    yes, yes I know many of them have been fighting out in afghan..but there is more to the party than soldiers..

    I am not a soldier, I am not in the Army...

    also, why are the navy hardly (if ever) represented in national public events..

    Example - England played Mexico at Wembley the other week...NOT ONE sailor was part of the group displaying the national flags.etc etc

    I know we are the smallest service (which is a crime) but I just feel we dont get no where near the exposure we should.
  2. Blame the PR team.

    It is annoying, however Jolly Jack will keep on doing his job as he has always done in the past.
  3. There were three servicemen on the pitch when the anthmes were played. One RAF, one RN and one Army.

    Although I agree with the rest of the post.
  4. I know that.. but none walking the flags around the pitch..also, when they were annoucning that it was "forces international game" they kept showing pongos on the big screen...

    that is just a small example really
  5. True, maybe they just figured it would look a bit gash if they had a mish-mash of uniforms.
  6. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Remember children Joint means LAND and by LAND I mean Army.
  7. It's slack journalistic shorthand, that's all. Always has been. Gets my goat every time.
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I do as it goes. Some of those twats referred to as Soldiers are RAF. That makes my blood boil.

    In fairness, the reports should state "Forces" unless the hacks are reporting on a specific operation and they should correctly state those units/formations used in said Op.
  9. I never actually new the Royal Navy was the smallest service. I was quite suprised when i found out the RAF has 10,000 more personnel than the RN?
  10. Found out recently that these bods 'sacrifice' their annual leave to perform this duty.
  11. Suprised me too. Always thought RAF was smaller. Is that including all the deskjockeys and secretarys in the RAF count? or useful people? ;)

    Hehe cousin's a crab and she hates me taking the piss out of them
  12. It includes all members of the RAF whatever their trade.

    Are there no 'deskjockeys and secretarys' (sic) in the Army or Royal Navy?

    Moronic comment.
  13. Yes, were I making a serious comment then it would indeed be moronic. Id assumed from the manner in which it was typed that it'd be clear I was joking. Since it appears not to have been clear, I apologise. Especially to the crabs :)
  14. Fair one.

    Never apologise to crabs :wink:
  15. You have a fair point there.
  16. According to all my mates, no matter how many times I tell them. . .

    Im joining the Army :roll:
  17. Thank God for small mercies :)
  18. Very funny ;)

    I think I need smarter mates really.
  19. I have that too. Some people keep on asking me how it's going in the Army.

    Cue piss boiling.

    (Sorry I've not been around you cnuts. Anything interesting happen?) :)
  20. Its a pain in the arse isn't it :roll: ?

    Not missed much chats, just a few mongs. But that's to be expected. :D

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