Anyone been drinking in Munich recently?

"What motivated him to throw a puppy at the Hell's Angels is currently unclear," a police spokesman said.
I suppose the police have a full understanding of why he mooned a Hell's Angels club and then chose a bulldozer as his means of escape! :?
Mmmhh. Have not been down to Munich for a night out for ages.
Seems like a good idea for the weekend :D
Better grab puppy and jump on to my bulldozer 8O
Perhaps the same bloke we met a couple of years back on a motorway near Munich.
He stopped a large truck in the middle lane and then started piling up mattresses (new ones) across all three lanes, about 6 or 7 high.
One brave soul tried to ram them out of the way and one pile caught fire, and so did the ramming car.
Seeing the opportunity to flee we nipped around and zipped away.
I don't remember seeing any puppies though :lol:

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