Anyone based in Rosyth fancy a date ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rankers, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Rankers

    Rankers New member

    Hello Boys !

    Anyone fancy some social action in Dunfermline ? Any of the HMS Gloucester boys up for it ? Of course will send pics to any would be dates !

  2. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    With a name like "Rankers", one would presume that you are a minging bint ;)

    Oh, hiya, by the way! :)
    All phots gratefully received :D
  3. AfterSSE

    AfterSSE New member

    Wow...there's actually some place to go there then? :D :wink:
  4. slim

    slim War Hero

    Hope this isn't you taking the piss Maxi :lol:
  5. higthepig

    higthepig Supporters - GCM

    Post the Piccie first, do you think that we are all mugs on here?
  6. Rankers

    Rankers New member

    have uploaded a pic onto my gallery for all those who suspect I'm a minger !!!
  7. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    Hmm, the last seven phots are from me, unless I uploaded one of you by mistake (stood by the telescope) ;)
  8. Rankers

    Rankers New member

    when uploaded says has to be checked by admin !!!
  9. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    Blimey, you naked then?
  10. terry_rice

    terry_rice New member

    Hope so!! :lol: :lol:
  11. brazenhussy

    brazenhussy Supporters - GCM

    og this has to be a bite surely????????????
  12. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    OMG Woman you have RED EYES!!

    Get yourself down the local Church for an exorcism girl!
    :D :D :D
  13. Streaky

    Streaky War Hero

    Rankers, let me know when and where you're having this date, so I can come and stand at the bar and take the piss!
  14. higthepig

    higthepig Supporters - GCM

    Not sure but, i think I`d rather go in the army.
    Women are alright but you cant beat the real thing.
  15. andym

    andym War Hero

    Would that be the French Army?
  16. Jarhead

    Jarhead New member

  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Maxi scrubs up well!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. terry_rice

    terry_rice New member

    I am in love!! :wink:
  19. dunkers

    dunkers New member


    NB, Dunkers has been on the Belhaven, though Rosyth is "convenient".
  20. andym

    andym War Hero

    Hello Boys !

    Anyone fancy some social action in Dunfermline ?

    Do you shag on a first date?Just making sure its worth the train fare.

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