Anyone at RNAC on 11th January?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Bobby_Dazzler, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. Alright folks, is anyone going to Iverkeithing on 11th January? Whats all this about RNAC been cancelled? I havent heard anything, does this answer my question? Has anyone else heard owt?

  2. If it's cold then tough sh!t. Learn to do a hospital corner before you go and I'd recommend taking some brufen gel.
  3. cold...COLD god damn it man, you want to join the Navy not the nursery

    cold is trekking around erlestoke for 2 days mid december....
    you will experience this one day.....then, and only THEN will you know what cold is.....!!!!!

    good luck anyway
  4. Oh get her, the salty sea dog! :roll:
    [email protected]#$!
  5. What? If I'd known how to do a hospital corner when I went I'd have done less press ups, and the brufen gel would've made them hurt less :wink:
  6. 2 days!! Wow you need to speak to your H&S Rep mate that's well harsh!
  7. Ah the newbies forum home of the Three Badge young thruster got to love it.
    I'll rephrase my earlier epithet you're not just a [email protected]#$ but a C%&^ to.
  8. So basically, you get pissed off when I talk about things I have no clue about (fair enough) but you also get pissed off when I give advice on something I've actually done or know about. You really are a bitter cnut.
  9. cheers lads, answers to my question would also be appreciated!
  10. ok, if it is cold, wrap up to keep warm

    hope this helps
  11. haha sarcism is the lowest form of wit, but the funniest form of being a to$$er lol
  12. DrZ/Tim. You obviously have that effect on me, your old man, other site members on here and probably most of the other people you come into contact with. RNAC Instructors seem to be the latest folk to have realised that the best method of dealing with you is pain. Get used to it.
    Hmmm, but no it's everyone elses problem isn't it not your gobshoite attitude to other Newbs who maybe unfortunate enough to have to share a Mess with you in the near future.
    As for being a bitter cnut, I dispute that as I douche myself regularly!
  13. wow, if this is your response to a drop of sarcasm..I would suggest you dont bother going to your little course and not bother with the RN in general
  14. I thought Bobby_Dazzler was just giving out some banter.

    But i think being cold will be the least of your worries, on mine i was to busy concentrating on not fcuking up my marching or doing anything else wrong to worry about the cold. You don't want press ups in the snow really.
  15. yes you were correct jjp23, it was only banter and cheers for the advice. as for funkyjunky, why bring sarcasm to the table then get fruity when someone else does? I am a Yorkshire lad, there are only 3 things that offend me and they follow in order...
    A) Steal my flatcap
    B)Make me a brew using PG tips rather than Yorkshire Tea
    C) n/a
    D) n/a
    E) Punch my girlfriend without asking me first.
  16. I have it on good authority that it smells like an Egyptian Musk Joss Stick, and behind it's intitially nutty taste it has pleasing undertones of smoked plum.
  17. F) Having to put up with Longnecks.
  18. I was ment to go on my RNAC course on 11th of Jan but it got cancelled because of the snow
  19. Hi Joe90, was it RNAC North because Im ment to be going tomorrow but havent heard anything yet, and its a long train journey to Scotland for nothing.
  20. fake yorkshire puddings you missed that one
    crap fish and chips possibly that one

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