Anyone at NAS Culdrose that can advise?

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by toycommandos, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know what the best mobile broadband network is for Culdrose???? :dark1:
  2. I never used to have a problem with Vodaphone or O2 when I was abased there
  3. I have personally found 02 the best since i've lived in Cornwall generally and it was ok on the occassions I have been to Culdrose, but thats not recently.

    There must be someone on here, who will admit to being there at the moment :thumright:
  4. 50 % of my brood live in Helston and they are all on Orange. (Mobile not fruit drink!!)

    Gives you something to think on!!

    Orange or O2!!!!! :frustrated:
  5. Never had any problems on Orange when I was there.
  6. I used t-mobile up until very recently at culdrose, worked great.

    you'll need to hang the dongle thingy out of a window to get decent speed though.
  7. I was looking at either 3 or Vodafone. Thanks for the input!
  8. when I left Cornwall, we didnt know what the feckin internet was
  9. if you're a local, that could potentially be any time right up until about... now.
  10. I would not use 3. I bet I could not get a signal if i stood right next to a phone mast.
  11. Being an ex fire station hero, The only mobiles i remember at at culdrose in the 60,s, was especially at weekends. Was Rescue 1, Crash 1, Crash and Smash Wagons, and Red Cross 1 all parked on the parade ground near to the Naafi Mens Bar.
  12. errrrrrrrrm without being "obvious" Captain feckin obvious, look and my location
  13. Yes, I got that part, I think you may have missed my point though.

    Helston locals are so backwards they still don't know what the internet is.

    ho ho ho, so much funnier now I've had to explain it.
  14. Got your point and it was feckin obvious!

    go for a drive to Helston and walk into the bees knees and shout out that all locals are dim.............make my day probably!
  15. They're all matelots in Helston anyway the locals try not to go to Helston lol
  16. I've ben a matleot, a trucker and a screw. I've seen the Pyramids along the Nile, seen the sunset on a tropic isle and got the sweat shirt, but;- The only time i got to Cornwall was on H.M.S. Plover when we briefly put into Falmouth. So back in Sept we visited the lizard Pininsular and it was beautiful no other word will do.We had to make a two mile drive to get a mobile signal. Then I made the mistake of taking a tour of Cauldrose. I did not see one uniformed R.N.person of any rate he place seemed to be run by civvies?? Its sad but true you can never go back! Any way, al the pubs seemed to be run by Br ummies orScotsthebar staffs either Scoucers or Yorkies;- and the population of Cagwortyh and Ruen Minor were all retired home counties stockbroker types. So where do all the Cornish folk live.? As Ioriginate from Herefordhire any cheap shot about banjoes would be the hight of hypocrisy. I've never been to guzz either is it good?
  17. Away from tourist areas lol
  18. Shhh Tommo, don't tell him, or he'll know where we are! :thumright:
  19. Canadians really have no sense of humour, eh?
  20. CANADIENS.....................WTF. OI BE A SEPTIC YOU BUGGER YOU

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