anyone already been to raleigh?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nufc70, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. has anyone got any last minute advice or tips on what to take down to raleigh? iv obviously got everything on the kit list however im sure there's some stuff that people have picked up on needing through training that would be useful. thanks if anyone knows :)
  2. Black thick socks is good to take it says on the kit list three large towels i took those i used one and kept the other two for rounds and they were hard to fold up in A4 so i would take one large towel and two medium towels.
  3. cheers fella thats a good idea actually taking smaller towels for rounds i didnt think of that cheers :D. looking at the ones iv packed they would near impossible to fold to A4 size :lol:
  4. Yea....1964 :D
    Best of luck.... :)
  5. No point taking the socks, they will be chucked out of your locker on your first inspection. You get issued pussers socks, and you can always go stores to get more socks.
    Take an iron, a WHITE marker pen(the number 1 thing you will need after an iron) and a sense of humour and be able to have the shit ripped into you on a regular occasion. Raleighs not difficult, certainly not when I went through its got a damn site easier since a few of my old buddies went through a decade ago :p
  6. wasnt sure about what to do with socks, iv packed some already but if they get thrown out then so be it, got an iron. a white marker pen i havent got it isnt on the kitlist il have to get my parents to send us one down. what do u reccomend? i aint even heard of a white marker pen before to be honest :lol:
  7. An A4 piece of anything solid such as wood or plastic for folding, there will be some there already but it's best to have your own and will save you valuable time on kit musters.
  8. just made myself an A4 size thing out of thick card from a clipboard cheers.
  9. spare razor blades, and i wouldnt bother with taking your own trainers. you get issued some and if you take your own you have to clean them aswell. a svellte cloth. decent sowing kit. errm some copied cds for the ironing room. and socket mulitplier.( will have to be pat tested when your there) theres probably more stuff, but you'll be fine. hope you like nutri grain and lucozade :)
  10. Well iv packed 2 pairs of trainers, pair for recreation, and a pair for shore leave (if i get it). Thanks for the socket tip just gone and packed that, my svellte cloth came yesterday from ebay :)! Not likin the sound of nutri grain :s
  11. Why the Nutri Grain? Anyone reckon it's worth taking football boots? Also someone got an exact idea of how many civvies to take? I got told 1 set other than your suit. How about a waterproof coat and that kind of thing?
  12. I'll look out for someone taking their shirt off at every opportunity (and, of course, sobbing), whilst wittering away in some unintelligible patois.

    Joking apart though - good luck.
  13. wouldnt think u would need football boots mate, its just another thing to clean. iv packed proper shoes to travel down in and 2 pairs of trainers. as for civvies i packed pair of jeans and 2 t-shirts. i imagine space is going to be limited so iv packed light for now. we arent going to be getting any shore leave or use of the raleigh club etc.. for good few weeks so what im doing is gettin stuff sent down if necessary. saves gettin shouted at for having too much kit. i assume the rest is issued???
  14. Guzzler I don't understand? And nufc70 I heard theres opportunity to play footy and whatever, and I'd sooner take my footy boots than a pair for a shore break as I'll happily wear my running shoes. I quite enjoy cleaning shoes anyway, hopefully I can trade someone for ironing shirts. But still anyone got an idea if the rumour of chances to play footy is true?
  15. RWWFC - I never mentioned that, I think you'll find it was the Geordie chap.

    He is correct though. If you needed, or even had the opportunity to use, football boots, you would be told.

    You will be entering several weeks of intensive and STRUCTURED training - forget what you intend to do in your spare time, your instructors will make sure that you are not bored.
  16. I'll reply to you on here Guzzler, you have a very fair point, but I'm also told that you're given some time off and there are football fields, from my only previous experience on an MOD site I saw people playing football, I also heard from a current recruit that he'd been to the pub more than once, I don't like the pub, I like kicking round a piece of synthetic material (doesn't have the ring to it that leather does). I just want to know if you can do this.
  17. INTENSIVE ??? lol ok thats why there is a few dim-wits in the navy (a particular girl on Endurance springs to mind) Its just over 2 months, just enjoy it, and learn from it.
  18. The only reason i said take some extra socks is because you only get issued two pairs one you keep nice for rounds you never touch keep them in your locker the other pair you wear everyday with your boots. so you wash the pair you are wearing everyday. You can keep the extra to wear in your personal locker thats not a problem.
  19. What has the intensity of the training got to do with 'dim-wits' in the Navy? I would imagine that the training you claim to have done is pretty intensive, yet you don't appear to be the sharpest in the box.

    Ever tried to form an argument by using some logic?

    WWFC - fair point about the pub v a game of football, but good luck finding 21 others who feel the same!
  20. Guzzler indeed I might need such luck, and I think know I won't bother because of your advice and that of Daffy's, plus I've lost a boot. Plus I won't have a ball I doubt. I'm gonna go with some old trainers and if I get the odd game then I'll see it as a bonus. I have heard off people who've gone down that weren't as fit as me that the physical isn't that hard but I'm gonna assume that's cause they've gone away and worked hard on their fitness.

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