Anyone actually enjoy their job?


Lantern Swinger
Glad to say I am very happy with what I do.

It takes me round the world, (am in Singapore just now which can not be bad!), pays well, and lets me be involved with real ships and other big boys toys. I can travel to other places for long weekends etc. etc. (The girls are nice too!)

The down side? You move around the world with the job, lose touch with family and friends, try and keep relationships going, go back home and catch up with half the people you mean to so piss off those that you miss out and worry about aging relatives back in the UK.

Would I change anything?

No way!!!!!!

josiecats said:
Karma said:
cutter said:
Anyone here actually enjoy their job?
short. sweet and to the point......... gota love that!

(im happy with my lot in life too!)
I'm really enjoying it, far busier than when I was in the mob but more challenged by what I'm doing, actually able to deliver things without having to go through hundreds of layers of decision stoppers and making a difference for my clients.


Lantern Swinger
Just re-read the above - all is true but realised that I have probably just described what it like to be back with the mob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sudden realisation that nothing has changed in over twenty years.


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