Anyone actually enjoy their job?

The RAF was very good, despite various mongs who thought it was their God given task to make other peoples lives hard.
Civilian employee of British Army (Germany), disillusioned by party propaganda ("Investing in people") and an NFI attitude by mis-management. Still the job can be interesting & I console my self with the thought that millions have to WORK for the money that I get.
moondog said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
I love my (new) job, though still in the old workplace. I now deal directly with members of the public on the phone, by snailmail and by email.
Promoted to a Call Centre :money:
Moondog, you naughty bit of skin! Call centre... me? o_O Nah, just explaining the P Place to all you sceptics out there.

I've had 10 jobs in an 18 year period, and absolutely hated every last f'kin one of them. (I'll tell you why if you insist)


(watched an episode of Star Trek the other day, where there is no longer a need for money, and people do what they do just to better themselves and contribute to the development of society etc............)

Ahhhh, what a nice idea I thought.

(sorry ! , went into one there) ...... :thanks: (I dont even like Star Trek)
The pusser was fine till I married
The Plod was great most of the time especially the years on 2 wheels.
Got to drive the future King and his sister on Royal visits,even got a letter from HRH @ Buck House whenI retired.
Working in taxi enforcement for LA which is OK though the cameradie of the pusser and polis is missing
Work is to put dosh in your pocket if you enjoy it ,thats a bonus
lamptramp63 said:
Work is to put dosh in your pocket if you enjoy it ,thats a bonus
Yeah I suppose that's the reality of it, but a pretty sad one. When u think u get spend most of your waking life doing something, it'd be nice not to hate it!!

It's great to hear from those who do enjoy theirs. Keep 'em coming, I might get an idea!! :plotting: :plotting:
Varies up and down - but make a rule NEVER to do a job I don't enjoy less than 60% of the time - this one is bumping along at 62% so looking for a new one(fed up of refitting shops - not fed up of kicking arse - How could you not enjoy Health and Safety - you can be a complete *hit and get paid for it! Heaven)!


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I've got to say I still love working in the mob. Almost 16 years gone by in the blink of an eye, some duff jobs, some great ones. Worked for good bosses and bad bosses, but the former vastly outweigh the latter.

Current job is my favourite, actually look forward to coming to work - get to travel loads (mostly both sandboxes but occasionaly nice places) and work with some great people and lots of nice CV friendly equipment (just in case one day I stop liking what I do).

Have loads of friends in all forms of civvy jobs and whilst occasionally I wonder if the grass is greener on balance I will stay where I am until I stop enjoying it.
Work in the Operating Theatres {Plastic Surgery mostly} here at Derriford Hospital as an HCA , I am the only bloke in the team {apart from the surgeons} and love meeting the patients & working with all the girls , It is mostly reconstructive work after major accidents/mastectomys etc , and the usual power tool injuries {hands/arms hanging off } , amazing what they can do , I love coming to work here , will stay till I retire , fingers crossed , nearly coming to the end of NVQ Level 3 , may do the Bolt Ons next year, wait & see , love it love it love it :thumright:
Am still enjoying my job in the RN, in my 25th now. Have to take the rough with the smooth as in any walk of life. Some Naval Officers though have almost pushed me to the limit with their attitude!
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Retired now and loving it. After leaving the mob, I started work on the north sea rigs (BP forties charlie) which paid really well, and allowed me to afford to learn to fly. Found I loved it, so studied hard and eventually obtained a commercial licence, and went to work for a corporate charter company, mostly flying "hoorays" around Europe in posh aircraft.
Now living in the sun, and biggest challenge is deciding which taverna to visit today!

'Kinell !! Telecomms Tech on Forties Charlie. Now owned by an American company called Apache. And yes! It's still bloody Haggis, Neeps and tatties on a Sunday.
Yep I love it. Interesting work (most of the time), I get out and about when I want to. Mainly 9 - 5 , no weekend duties, good pay, good expenses, and good pension.

Ahh well I wonder where I went wrong.


My first job on leaving was as a Prison Officer, thought if there was anywhere in civvie street that would have the same sort of comeraderie as the mob that would be it. Ok even ex sparkers can get it wrong from time to time lol. after 17 years doing it decided that I wasn't going to get to like it after all so resigned. Love the job I do now, working in a school with the kids that the teachers can't handle because they misbehave too much, can be challenging at times but also very rewarding when you manage to turn them around.
Still with the Andrew and loving it, joining the Daring as the fridge tiff next year and can't wait

From one who has been with daring for over a year i would recomend it to anyone.

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