Anyone actually enjoy their job?

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by cutter, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Anyone here actually enjoy their job?

    I'll never be able to join up because of my eyesight. So instead of living a great life sailing the world I sit chained to a desk all day and finding myself thinking 'is this it?'.

    I have a pretty cushy job all in all, it's just mind numbingly boring. :frustrated:

    Is everyone in the same boat?
  2. Yep,my civvy job pays well but sucks big time.I am sick to the back teeth with it and the cretins in the Industry.
  3. Basically what Andy said but substitute civvy for pusser and Industry for branch :)
  4. in the same boat (parden the pun), i can't join due to using an inhaler...but i have to be honest and say that i do love my job, i work with the military so its the closest i'll ever get to being in the job i really want.
  5. I love my (new) job, though still in the old workplace. I now deal directly with members of the public on the phone, by snailmail and by email.
  6. Alright Kes? What do actually do mate? (if you don't mind sharing)
  7. MoD...yeah yeah i've heard all the comments :D
  8. Yes
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Surprisingly yes, I love it, but there's no future in it!
  10. Loved my job in the mob and love my job as a civie. I'm a freelance press photographer covering SW Scotland for the local, national and International papers. I get to watch concerts for free and go to football/rugby/cricket matches and get well paid for it. OK there are some bad times (shooting a mid winter football match in the rain/snow at Palmerston springs to mind) but the laughs with othe snappers makes up for it.
  11. Sounds spot on. How did you get in to that? Did you do professional training or was it a hobby you developed in to a paying job?
  12. Did the Peri-Photo course at Dolphin and once I went back to skimmers did the Intel-Camara Operators course so was part hobby part work till I left the mob. Tried office work bored s******s by it so decided to try my hand at photography full time.
  14. Like my job a lot, but love the freedm it gives me to move around the word when I am off.
    The one major drip in the mob was having to turn up for work when there was nothing to do.
  15. Still with the Andrew and loving it, joining the Daring as the fridge tiff next year and can't wait
  16. Promoted to a Call Centre :money:
  17. Love my job. True the honeymoon period is over and I'm starting to see who who are the grouches and when but I learn at least one new thing every day - every person I deal with is different so I never get bored.
  18. Yes, am a conveyancer. It has its down bits when people cannot move when they hope, but the cards and the flowers, bottles of wine and tins of chocolate are testiment to the fact that people are pleased with the way my team does their work. That is very satisfying.
  19. Jobs

    Pusser 98% Excellent
    Plod 75% Excellent
    Internal Company Fraud Investigator High Street Leisure firm 65% Excellent

    In both the Plod and ICFI it was overly ambitious, poor, incompetent or uninterested management that spoiled the job not the actual tasks I was paid to carry out in my opinion.

    When in Pusser as far as I was concerned Management never lied to me or failed to inform me of what was going on.
    In Plod I was never lied to but often not told any or all of the important facts
    In Civvie street every thing I was told by management or by external sources I treated as a lie until I could show different.

  20. Retired now and loving it. After leaving the mob, I started work on the north sea rigs (BP forties charlie) which paid really well, and allowed me to afford to learn to fly. Found I loved it, so studied hard and eventually obtained a commercial licence, and went to work for a corporate charter company, mostly flying "hoorays" around Europe in posh aircraft.
    Now living in the sun, and biggest challenge is deciding which taverna to visit today!

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