Anyone a Personnel Logistician ? (Logi , Writer ?)

As above ,whats it like being one in the RN ? anyone got any information that isnt on the website about the job ? I went to my local office and have made my mind up 100% I want to join the RN ,But want to make my mind up first what I want to do ...

Any input appreciated.

Thanks A lot .

as a wafu - bloody great.

as a writer - cant say but from experience of the miserable bint in the beer token queue i'd say "shite with shite aspects"

sorry if that doesnt help but maybe wait and see what options you have before deciding on a glorified bankers job

awaiting inbound c28 bombs
soleil said:
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soleil said:
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so whats it like guys ? thanks soleil , and thanks a few weeks back for sending me some contact details for my local office :)
You're welcome. :)
your welcome

soleil - you need to read the post you quoted

i do the ships pay and sort out JPA - blah blah
Are you correcting my English?
no soleil - as a more senior RR i respect your rank etc etc - just giving the lad an insight from your post - see below.

sounds an exciting job i must say - beats fixing jets anyday

Re: Personnel Logistician Information
Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:48 am

A logs pers deals with the day to day admin of the ships company pay etc. Your work will be mostly computer based working on the personnel admin software called JPA. You will be responsible for making sure peoples pay is correct, that they are getting any allowances they are entitled to and advising them on what they can and can't claim for in regards to pay and allowances. You will also run the cash part of the ships office, so when you are away and due to go alongside you act like a 'bureau de change'. Logs Pers also administer the ships cash account, which involves making sure that any cash paid to or from the ship is accounted for, this is done on a system called SPA. You are also responsible for the ships registry, which involves looking after all the important mail and files that are sent to the ship.

I'm pretty sure thats about it, but if anyone else has better info they will no doubt be along to put me right.

hope this helps and whatever you chose to do good luck
shag_shacker said:
oops - 4 pints of white lightning, a full-on messy burger and the french getting humped by mexico = one tipsy WAFU

sorry soleil

That's OK, shag_shacker!

I was little bewildered for about 15 minutes and then I thought to myself ..... "he's three sheets to the wind, isn't he?!"

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