Anybody who went RNAC on the 16th-19th april ???


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Hey i never actually managed to stay in touch with many people after the RNAC course cuz of the mad rush we all had at the train station we left the brown paper bag lunches all over the station! any way just wanted to know if anybody who went there ( it was a FAA/LOGS course) is registered on rum ration be good to hear from you. i know pretty much everyone at that course is starting raleigh within the next 2 months so b good to get in touch b4 u go in . :)
shaney boy!!!!!!!
hows it goin, remember a was bangin the window on the train and movin ma mouth!!!
a was trying to to tell you to get ma e-mail addy from nic!
was a good course ehh?
ramsay! was that you or james that gave me that name?


Lantern Swinger
ello mate ! yea i just about managed to understand u through the train window. was brilliant that course im gutted we had to go home , i think it was james who called u ramsey cant remember why though. u got raleigh soon?? i reckon they chucked your mate out of raleigh i think u know who i mean ;)
I notice we are the only three from our RNAC course to have accounts on here, at least the only ones to have taken the trouble to find each other. I'm not sure what that says about us....... lol.

All that remains to be said is "Do I get to keep me gun, mannnn"

Hope things are well guys.


Lantern Swinger
na tanya has got an account as well ! dont think she on here much tho mate.
"ill be up at 5, reeeadin me bibal "
good luck at raleigh big PC!!!

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