Anybody Train at LivDet??


Hey Rust !
I'm at Livdet in Holding troop, Have been since Feb, You Looking forward to Selection weekend then ?

I just wanna get it over with now, Have been waiting long enough now. Hopefully all goes well for us all in holding troop at Livdet.
Are you confident on passing?

Have you had your letter inviting you yet or not?
I havent... I'm going to phone the AFCO in the next few days if it doesnt come to see whats going on...


Lantern Swinger
Aint bloody had mine yet, im gonna give it another week and if i dont get mine im gonna call AFCO, did you call Miffta?? What did you say?
Im quietly confident ill pass, as i know most of us will..........
Miffta, i know who you are son :wink:

Take it easy, you down there Sept 4th?


I didnt have to call them, the letter came on the wednesday.
Yep i'll be there on the 4th if all goes well, Then just 3 days till selection.
Should be fun!!


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I am down at ManDet (part of RMR Merseyside). Selection in 3 weeks, are you looking forward to sleeping on campbeds in classrooms!!?


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Not really no, it will prob be the most uncomfortable weekend of our lives..... with plenty more to come hopefully!! Should bump into you dude when ur down there.
Lads sleeping on campbeds in classrooms will probably be the most comfortable weekend you will ever spend with the RMR!!!

Uncomfortable?......................January - in the field - wet and dry routine!!! :thumright:

There really isnt a feeling quite like it at 3 am, when its -5 degrees outside and you have to climb out your warm doss bag, take off your dry clothes and put on your soaking wet kit to go on stag for 2 hours!!

Just remember to keep smiling and take the bad with the good lads.
spenny said:
Lads sleeping on campbeds in classrooms will probably be the most comfortable weekend you will ever spend with the RMR!!!
Campbeds! The worlds gone mad. What's wrong with the floor, slug and rollmat combo? Oh yeah, you be using the rollmats for the extra curricular selection process. :w00t:
TheRust said:
Sounds terrific lads, i cant wait........... o_O
The thing to remember mate is that you will get pissed off being cold, wet and hungry and physically knackered - all of the lads will. Its the ones who keep smiling and keep everyones spirit up who make the difference.

Cheerfulness through adversity.
Being a Scotsman mate In not one to turn away drink, especially if its free!!

Im hoping to get on the next Recruit course myself, so I might very well bump into you at some stage.

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