Anybody remember or serve with my father?

Hi, i just signed up to the site today after browsing and looking around for a few weeks. I am just finishing univeristy and hope to enlist in the Royal Navy as a warfare officer on boats.

I was wondering if anybody on here served with or knew my father, his name was Dennis Turner and he served for just over 30 years. He was a photographer and spent two and a half years working in the USA at a Naval base which i think was in Pensacola. Sorry for the lack of details, i will try and post more soon but will have to ask my mother for more details on which ships he served on etc. His nickname was "Topsy" could anybody tell me if there is a reason for being given this nickname or is it just because of the surname Turner? He sadly died in 1993 when i was just 7 but i still have fond memories of time spent together in the USA and here in the UK.
Hi St, My condolences for your loss of your dad. I do hope you find some of his colleagues and friends. You might also have a look over on Forces Reunited, it's a site for old friends to meet up again.

I'll have a look through some off my course photos and see if his name appears anywhere.

You might also look into asking the Archives if they have a body of his work available.

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