Anybody know when the bounty is DUE to go in?

Does anybody know when our bounty is due to enter our bank accounts? Reason i put due in capitals is that i know JPA will somehow mess things up! Thanks, Furniss
I have reason to believe it will go in in May. The reason being is that the Army were put onto the JPA system and so everything has been postponed for the short term.
My unit has said it should be paid by mid April (aye sure) if JPA works as it should, but I imagine that the end of May is a more likely date. Or even June if we're unlucky.
JPA is still paying out even though we've no access to it; thus, it follows that bounty could be paid anytime in the next five years. Don't rely on it, eh?
Last I heard was that the target was mid-April 2007. JPA is still paying money into reservists' accounts despite being offline/online/a bit hatstand today/working but you can't see it and I can't show it to you but trust me it is working.


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Jay welcome to RR. you are from your comment new to the rnr, well you must be if you think all the reserve forces are alligned. To my certain knowledge the TA have allways had the bounty in April, I have in 20+ years never had my bounty before may.
Well guys, having spoen to my Chief Writer, I've been assured that Bounty day this year is 15/04/07, however that is a Sunday, so it is presumed that the money will be in on 13/04/07. Look out for your payslip on the next drill night.
Mid April, believe it when I see it in my bank account. Big wedge of cash suddenly in my account, yeah I'll notice that for sure.

For the moment I'll settle for chocolate covered coconut :)
I called JPAC yesterday to find out the exact date and have now been told that it will be 30/04/07.
Since then, Ive called my Chief Writer who's going to investigate and call me back hopefully today.
I'll repost when I get an update.
haha funny comments people and thanks for your help, should be able to pay off the rest of a holiday now without worrying about going into debt! (i'm only 17 :| )
I would be pleasantly surprised and therfore utterly wasted by 7pm this evening if this is the case, then again tomorrow.

Whats wrong with a Pre Bounty party eh...... Anyone out in London tonight?
In past years pay in April has been around the 1st and then those who are getting bounty get it paid into their bank around the 14th May (no pay on 14th April), we have never been paid at the end of May..... or the end of any other month for that matter.... but then again you never know what will happen with JPA but as everyone is prob aware the Buzz is Mid April so roll on tomorrow!!!!

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