Anybody here seen Peppa ?

Was he pushed or did he jump
Since banning Finx he got the hump
Disappeared from all our screens
Off the radar, so it seems

He's hiding somewhere I've no doubt
Sooner or later the truth will out
Is he in civvies, or is he in rig
That darned elusive Peppa Pig
Just recently had some funny looks from the regulars in my pub due to me guffawing at comments in this thread.

No probs though, they know I'm an ex-matelot and therefore inclined to laugh at random stuff.
I think him and SJRMRN have run off together and are oiling themselves up in some homo erotic, orgy frenzy in the Caribbean.
Good heavens.
That's one low opinion you hold of SJRMRN there Froggy.
When various members of RR expressed desire to fuck Peppa I for one took it to mean something completely different from your implication.:biggrin:

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