Anybody else received this? (rant)


An internal Selection Board has been held and it is with regret to inform you that you have not been selected for employment, therefore your application has been rejected.

If you wish to re-apply you may do so from April 2020.

I am sorry to give what I know will be disappointing news but would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in the RFA.

Yours Sincerely, Naval Service Recruiting Team

Can't believe it, went out of my way for two interviews with the latter one taking me across the country and was told I'd passed both and would be starting January or April 2020, now I'm being asked to start the year long process AGAIN in April and do it all again.

I was expecting the email to say I'd be starting January and I should go for my medical instead I got this kick in the teeth, something to think about for future applicants.


Did they expand on the reasoning behind i, orwas that all they said? Could you not inquire further for closure or option for appeal, maybe it isn't anything to do with you, but more a recruitment issue, maybe too many applicants for the chosen field?


The first time I applied I got an email saying they weren’t interested as I didn’t hold a high enough ticket for their current recruitment targets, but when I re-applied a month or so later it went straight through. Sometimes it’s nothing to do with you, just their quotas.
I had a similar message, though from the SIFT. Unfortunately there was no direct line of contact to attempt to find out where and how I went wrong (assuming it wasn't just a quota). Not very straight forward. So now I have reapplied as nothing states I cannot right away for a different position (August 2020 for the same I believe). Please correct me if I am wrong though.

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