Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by kellie_g, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. just wondering if any1 is going in round about the same time as me ( the 3rd feb)
    also does any1 know any sneaky hints that might be helpful while im there hehe?

    get bk 2 me soon love kelli xxx
  2. Im going on the 17th feb so I should see you there.
  3. And having a read of a few threads in there as well, just a suggestion mind.
  4. Oh I feel all warm and cuddly now. Have to do this LURVE thing a bit more often.

  5. aye mate im goin on the 3rd as well. see u there
  6. hey im goin on the 3rd of feb too im cumin down frm wigan so gota bit of a trek! were u cumin form? tomo
  7. Well having seen your now looking at the lot of bits about Raleigh one peice of advice I can give. DONT CHANGE TRAINS AT TEMPLE MEAD Bristol for Plymouth.
    A whole load of us got off there to do that.
    You change trains if you still do at Bristol.
    It dont half nark emm when you turn up late on the first day.There just biting there teeth trying not to let rip with some whithering remark followed by where they did not think your parents were married.
    They wait till you have signed on to do it.
    And dont be a great numptie and start crying as soon as you arrive and leave next day.
    But my tip would be to ask on the train if anyone else is joining raleigh and introduce yourself with your name and make friends on the train with guys and now gals who maybe your oppos for life.
    Plus this will get you brownie points for leadership and get you the class leaders job and priveliges.
  8. yh im going febuary 28th
  9. I would imagine most of the original posters are POs by now mate.

    0/10 for observation.

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