Any1 goin to Passing out @ Raleigh on the 2nd?

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by swampy88, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone!
    Just wondered if anyone was going to the Passing out at Raleigh in a couple weeks, on the 2nd of Oct?
    Would be cool to meet people that are going =]
  2. Tit pics?

    (It was inevitable)
  3. I am going ellie you will recognize me by the my big brown hat,come over and introduce yourself, 8)
  4. har har, very funny =P
    seriously, any COOL people going?
  5. So your saying i arnt coooool,i will be there and i will be wearing a brown cowboy hat,its the fashion where i live right now,see you there, :wink:
  6. I rather suspect that all those who are passing out of Raleigh will be there!
  7. Cool, so you're really going?
    Who're you going for?

    and youre a regular winston trelawney =]
  8. I am the uncle to a guy called John doe,he is training to be a steward,i know it sucks but i tied to talk him out of it,see you there 8)
  9. a steward?? haha awesome =]
    mines training for AET
    you're not seriously gonna wear a cowboy hat tho, rite? hehe
    if you are tho, i'll deffo say hi!
  10. Jepp its the brown cowboy hat for me ,me mates have given me a nick name,its Chris the brownhatter,i know its funny isnt it god knows where they dug that name up from, 8)
  11. LOL brownhatter, very orignal :p
    apparently my nick name should be swampy, according to the navy surnames nickname list thingymabob
    its pretty cool, i mite keep it =]
  12. Fcuking excellent Chris.

  13. I try, :D :D :worship:
  14. yeh ur rite "Swampy" is a great nickname lol! keep it! i'll be at Raleigh then too I'll make sure 2 ask around for the "brownhatter" :)
  15. cool! who're you going for?
  16. my mongloid identical twin. what about you? you swamping your way through Raleigh just now? or watching another passing out? you should get yourself a brown hat btw, then brownhatter Chris could find Swampy Brownhatter easily. ;)
  17. im goin to watch my fiancée pass out, cant wait =]
    and thats a great idea, i'll have to start lookin for a hat! hehe
    so how will we recognise you?
    dont tell me,
    brownhatter dunkers?
    it would be pretty funny! hehe
  18. FOR FERKSAKE STOP :D :D ,i cant take anymore today, :D

    Ps nice one dunkers
  19. I thought Sussex had already passed out and done his 22?
  20. dunkers and brownhatter chris.......



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