Any WS(SSM) out there?


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Hey all,

Just wondering if there's any other WS(SSM)'s out there? Trying to gauge how long everyone's been waiting?
hey everyone! just been reading around here! and this is my first post lol,
Im going for WS sensors too.
i took my royal navy test in july 2010. :)
And easier too track you down and kick your happy sacks for starting gash threads. :-D

With the giveaway user name and avatar (and if your man includes any of these in his moniker "John/Arbuthnot/"Jacky"/Fisher/ Baron Fisher of Kilverstone") then he might just be acceptable for that empty billet in your SOC which StxJimbo failed to occupy.


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I don't see how you'll escape. No running on boats and not really anywhere to hide. Anyway, by the time you dabbers have left basic you'll have forgotten how to put one foot in front of the other. I can't imagine it being a hunt, more of a slaughter. :-D
I can drag myself pretty fast.

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